Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the evaluation take place?

Evaluations are conducted in our office. For some cases, the assessment can take place in your home. Ask your clinician about this option.

Do you take insurance?

Ascend Psychological Services does not accept insurance at this time.

How long will the evaluation take?

Psychoeducational evaluations vary in length based upon the individual needs of your child. Typically, the standard evaluation takes between one and three sessions spanning two to four hours each. All evaluations include an initial intake and a feedback session where results are shared and a report is provided.

What information should I provide?

In order to conduct a thorough evaluation, we ask parents to provide us with the following information: developmental history, medical history, records of current and previous academic performance (i.e., grades, standardized achievement scores, special education records, etc.), and any previous mental health and/or psychoeducational evaluations. We will also ask your child's teacher(s) to complete input forms and behavior rating scales.

What is your fee?

Fees vary according to the type of evaluation. Please discuss fee structure with your clinician. We accept personal checks. A $500 deposit is required when the dates of testing are decided in order to reserve those dates for you. Full payment is expected by the date of the feedback session, when a written report will be issued to you.

What are your privacy policies?

All reports are confidential. Only the parent/guardian will be given access to the report or any information in the report unless otherwise requested.